Potency Pills – miracle or solution?

Did you know that aging begins at 30! And every second somewhere in the world someone turns 50! And the quality of life for the average person stops at age 51. After that, it takes medical intervention to manage their symptoms to maintain their “health”…

Super Vidalista

Active substance: Tadalafil 20mg + 60mg Dapoxetine
Product: Blister
Dosage: 100 mg
Country of origin: India
Shelf life: Up to

Super Vidalista (Super Vidalista) – is a highly branded drug, previously released under the name Super Tadarise (Super Tadarayz). Each tablet contains a combination of two active ingredients: Tadalafil, which increases blood flow to the genitals and Dapoxetine, which prevents premature ejaculation. The drug has a wide range of applications, can be used to prevent premature ejaculation, or simply to improve erections and prolong orgasm. Plus it’s a great opportunity to save money!


Painful sexual intercourse is sexual intercourse, which before the vote, in the process of mating or when it is accompanied by one of the participants with pain or difficulty performing due to medical or psychological causes. In English language and literature this condition is known as dyspareunia. The term is formed from al-Greek. δυσis a prefix, denoting negation, and πάρευνος“lying near” (παρά“near, at”, εὐνήbed). There are numerous physical conditions that increase the pain during sexual intercourse, but when complaints of painful sexual intercourse always shown a detailed physical examination of the genital organs and to ascertain the history of the disease. Medical assessment of painful sexual intercourse focuses initially on physical causes, which must be ruled out before psychogenic or engage in emotional reasoning. In most cases, painful sexual intercourse it is noted the original physical cause. Common physical causes for discomfort during sexual intercourse in women include vaginal infections, lower urinary tract, cervix or fallopian tubes (e.g., mycotic organisms (especially candidiasis), chlamydia, Trichomonas, coliform bacteria); endometriosis; surgical scar tissue (following episiotomy); and ovarian cysts tumors[6]. In addition to infections and chemical causes, the occurrence of painful sexual intercourse, sexual discomfort may increase fruit organisms and herpes, anatomic conditions, such as the remains of the hymen. (Sarrell and Sarrell 1989). Especially common cause of pain in the genitals postemenopausal among women is lack of estrogen. Meanwhile, dryness in the vagina is also reported among lactating women[7]. Women undergoing radiation treatment for a malignant tumor in the pelvis, often experience severe painful intercourse due to atrophy of the vaginal walls, and a developing sensitivity to injury. Sometimes vaginal dryness see if Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder which characteristically attacks the exocrine glands such as salivary and lacrimal. In men as in women, there is enough physical factors that may cause painful sexual intercourse. Sometimes immediately after ejaculation men experience pain in the testicles or head of the penis. A strong sense of stinging or itching after ejaculation can be caused by infections of the prostate, bladder or seminal vesicles. Sometimes burning or severe pain during the eruption of semen is associated with gonorrheal inflammation. Urethritis or prostatitis can make irritation of the male genital organs painful or irritating. Anatomical disfigurement of the penis, like those observed in Peyronie’s disease, can also cause pain during sexual intercourse. One of the reasons for painful sexual intercourse painful due to pulling too tight foreskin of a penis, which is celebrated either during the first attempted copulation or after tension or scarring due to inflammation or local infection[6]. During intense sexual intercourse or Masturbation possible small tears in the frenum of the foreskin of the penis, which can be very painful. A rare form of male painful sex is a pain syndrome after ejaculation, it is characterized by persistent and repeated pain in the genital organs during ejaculation or immediately afterwards. The pain perceived as sharp, piercing and/or burning. Although usually the pain is short-lived, it can persist and be quite strong. The immediate cause of psychogenic pain syndrome after ejaculation is an involuntary painful spasm or local spasm of certain sensitive to pain of the muscles in the genital and reproductive organs of men. Sometimes excruciating painful spasms may relate to the fluctuations of men in regard to the rapidity of its semyaizverzhenie in the process of sexual intercourse. Disorder in the muscles of the pelvic floor may also be the cause during or after intercourse. Spasm, inflamed, overstretched or shortened pelvic muscles can squeeze, and sometimes clenching of the pudendal nerve. The feeling of guilt we get sexual pleasure or polovozrastnym the nature of your erotic fantasies can cause men pain occurs during activation of the orgasm. In other cases, men with moderate gender attitudes can feel full of resentment, or be angry at their available sexual partners for unconscious or conscious reasons.